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27 Aug, 2016
28 Aug, 2016
29 Aug, 2016
29 Aug, 2016

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Reflections from Father Jerry for August

A Blessing

               "Remember to show hospitality. There are some who, by so doing, have entertained angels without knowing it."   Hebrews 13

 Over the past six months, we have been blesse…

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  • Special Message about Holy Cross

    The following  is an email that Holy Cross recently received that admin thought was worth sharing with everyone...... Hello,  I recently had the opportunity to meet a large group of your members who were traveling and v… Continue reading

  • Message from Senior Warden for August

    I failed Algebra I when I was a freshman in high school.   It was an unpleasant experience and, in my fourteen year old wisdom, I quickly excused myself and moved on.  Algebra was clearly over my head and I was sure it h… Continue reading

  • Episcopal Relief and Development Message for July

    SUMMER 2016 Episcopal Relief & Development and the Sustainable Development Goals  LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT  It's been over a year since the Nepal earthquake, six years since the one in Haiti and five years since … Continue reading

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  • Erin Wallace and family

    Erin Wallace and her sons, Andrew, Phillip and Cameron starting attending Holy Cross in February 2011.  They discovered Holy Cross along with Erin's Mom, Ellen Wells who happens to be our current Senior Warden. Erin was famil… Continue reading