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23 Jul, 2016
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Reflections from Andy Atkinson

I yield my space in this month's newsletter to our Presiding Bishop. As Jesus tells of one commandment for us to follow, Jesus also tells us that "perfect love casts out all fear." Jesus tells us to l…

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  • Episcopal Relief and Development Message for July

    SUMMER 2016 Episcopal Relief & Development and the Sustainable Development Goals  LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT  It's been over a year since the Nepal earthquake, six years since the one in Haiti and five years since the… Continue reading

  • Message from Senior Warden for July

    Recently I spent some time perusing a wonderful book about our church put together and maintained by Judith Beckett, Holy Cross’s first Senior Warden.  It’s a history book of the events in the life of our church arranged… Continue reading

  • Prayers for Orlando Shooting Victims

    Once again we have seen a terrible tragedy occur in our country. The people in Orlando were minding their own business, having fun on a Saturday night when all of a sudden a man with terrible hatred in his heart took the… Continue reading

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  • Helen Setzer and family

    Helen Setzer can't recall the exact date she and her children, Sean and Elijah, starting attending Holy Cross. It was sometime after April 2010 when we moved into our current building.  She had heard about Holy Cross from co-… Continue reading