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07 Sep, 2015
09 Sep, 2015
09 Sep, 2015
09 Sep, 2015

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Reflections from Andy

The Four Stages of Faith Brian McLaren is a contemporary Christian writer and speaker. In one of his books, Naked Spirituality, he lays out his understanding of the stages we can move through if we de…

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  • Backpacks...Thanks Holy Cross!

    Many thanks to the Holy Cross community who provided necessary school supplies for 25 kids to start their 2015-16 school…

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  • September Vestry Corner

    “Time to Soar, 2016”, and beyond Just a quick note to say how excited I am to see our seasons change.   Autumn arrives i…

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  • Youth & Family End of Summer Updates

    Youth and Family ended the summer session of Vacation Sunday School on 8/30.  It was an incredible journey through a stu…

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